There are very few sites in the world that can literally connect you with millions of people in any given day. There are even fewer that can help you reach truly international markets with very little interest. However, there is one site that can help you reach almost every single speaker of Chinese in the world, and many people who don’t speak the language as well. This site is the popular blogging platform known as Sina Weibo.

Sina Weibo is a bit like a mix between a basic blog, Facebook, and Twitter. It severs the same purpose as most of those sites as well, ensuring that almost everyone is on the site and checking it extremely often. Both individual people and businesses are often found on the website, making it a great place to both make new contacts and to market anything that you have to sell.

The website also focuses on interactive ads, trying to make sure that people are actually going to click, something that has their western counterparts beat for the most part. They do still have banner ads and other options available, but those are not heavily promoted, and will generally be less successful. However, their marketing team is well equipped to work with businesses from all over the world and to ensure that the best possible results can be achieved.

There are some niches that do well on Weibo, and surprisingly automotive are among those. This is because the population of Chinese speaking countries is booming, and there are a huge number of expats as well. This combines to create a huge market, full of people who are looking for their first car, a bigger car for their family, or a car to run their business.

Another great niche for this platform is anything to do with consumer products. Many of the current advertisements are for smaller items that are rather cheap, but that have a significant profit margin. The amount of information that the company collects about each and every person on the network makes it very easy to target them for extremely specific items.

Weibo is so integrated into Chinese life that many people actively shop through it, job search through it, and live most of their lives on the site. This means that there is more information available to advertisers and that advanced targeting practices can be put into place with ease. This is not a benefit that many other sites can provide, as they simply do not have the means to collect this information promptly. This leads to advertisers getting lower rates of return from these sites, and makes it much less profitable to choose those channels over Weibo.

The way that most people find customers on the platform is through their promoted post feature. This is named Fen Si Tong and is fully integrated into the system.

The entire company is public in the USA stock exchange, meaning that they have to follow USA standards. This makes it easy to trust your money and your information with the company. This also means that you can conduct your transactions on a rising platform, starting to corner the market before others can get into it.

The site is often looked to for news and trends by users and targets people with disposable income via the Fen Si Tong system. They do this by placing promoted posts near the top of their feed and making it appear as if they are popular, allowing the users to jump then onto the trend and feel like they are ahead of the curve. You will have seven days to make the most out of your ad, ensuring that users don’t feel overly saturated with your information, but getting your ad in front of everyone who fits your criteria.

Using multiple posts at a time and being specific with your targeting will ensure that the best results are netted from the platform. With well over a million subscribers, you will find that you have a larger post reach than you could have ever imagined. Also, the advanced targeting ensures that you get sales, more than paying for the price of your campaigns.