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What Is Facebook Pixel Advertising?

Although Facebook advertising is very powerful, it is also complex, and most new users find the advertising platform a bit confusing. The majority of users are frustrated by Facebook pixels. In fact, pixels are quite common across a host of advertising platforms out there. Pixels are used to drop a cookie that helps track visitors on your site so that you can advertise to them later on. The process is known as retargeting.

Pixels are also used to monitor the behaviour of the visitors on your site. The effectiveness of your ad is measured quickly. Facebook had a custom audience pixel that helped retarget the website visitor and a conversion pixel that tracked the conversions. In fact, each Facebook advertising account would have one custom audience pixel and many conversion pixels. Although these pixels are useful, they were also confusing.

Facebook took a huge step forward in 2015 in introducing the new Facebook Pixel which replaced both the existing ones. It simplified the process of Facebook pixel advertising like never before. Today, you need only one pixel for retargeting, optimising, and tracking. This article offers information on what is Facebook pixel advertising.

The custom audience pixel is already upgraded to the new pixel. Also, the conversion pixels are phased out in the 2nd half of 2016. That’s why you need to have a basic knowledge of how to use the new Facebook pixel functions to take the best advantage of it. On the other hand, if you have never used Facebook pixels in the past, this is the best time to start using it. The new Facebook pixel offers three important functions that will help you improve your conversion rates and return on investment (ROI).

1. Custom Audiences – This is how Facebook helps retarget your past visitors. Once you have the new pixel installed, it will keep on tracking the movements of your visitors on your site. These visitors should be simultaneously logged into Facebook. The pixel will make a record of which pages the client visits and which pages they don’t visit. This data is important to help the advertiser target his/her visitor more effectively during the next round of advertising. Facebook allows you to advertise to a group of people who have a shared behaviour. The advertiser can customise his/her website audience based on which web pages they didn’t or did visit. He or she can also choose the timeframe for the process – between 1 to 180 days.

2. Custom Conversions – This is one of the most exciting components of the new pixel. This is done by selecting a completion page such as a “thanks for shopping, thanks for signing up, or thanks for your comments page,” and naming the conversion. In fact, custom conversions are created independently of your ads. You can also choose the type of conversions such as a purchase or a particular monetary value. Once you create a custom conversion, it will be used to track all your ads. All the custom conversions are being tracked at any time. There is a drawback of customer conversions which is you are limited to 20 of them, and none can be deleted at this time. If you have a lot of completion pages to track, you will find it difficult to do with the available 20 at this moment.

3. Standard Events – This is an advanced feature of the new Facebook pixel. This process works similar to the old conversion pixels. A user can create standard events with the new pixel. But it will require a bit of extra code analogous to the old conversion pixels. One advantage of this process is it will help you get past the 20 custom conversion limit.

Adding the new pixel to your website is quite similar to the old pixel. It should be added to the head section of your index page so that it will appear on every page of the website. This helps the pixel to track where the visitor is no matter what page of the site is loaded. If you need help with your web designing needs in adding or handling your pixels, contact us.

In conclusion, Facebook pixel advertising is quite effective in improving your conversion rates. But it is also a bit confusing. That’s why as premier Sydney SEO agency we are here to help.


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