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How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Affect SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has gone through many transformations over the years. From simple optimisation of landing pages to more complex content creation, SEO has evolved in more ways than one. Of course, certain elements have remained the same – such as link building and keyword optimisation – but a lot has changed with social media marketing, mobile optimisation, and the overall user experience.

SEO companies keep developing more and more ways to leverage on the modern-day technologies to further improve SEO and this is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes into the picture. AI is not just robots and science-fiction – it’s been reshaping a number of industries in forms we never thought possible not so long ago. These days AI is all about chatbots, self-driving cars and smart devices, and of course, the SEO industry is no exception.

AI uses advanced machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and an enormous amount of data in the digital world. So, if you’re wondering how AI and machine learning can affect the future of SEO, here’s what you need to know.

AI helps search marketers be more efficient

Time and time again, search marketing has proven to become more and more difficult almost with each passing day, especially with the cyberspace clutter in the online space. It takes a whole lot more than just hopes and prayers that the search trends and subsequent SEO tactics you or your SEO company have identified will bring in more sales.

It gets even harder when marketers need to generate an increasing number of campaigns amidst the abundance of available marketing channels. But in the future, search marketing will no longer be as unpredictable and inefficient as it is today. With the AI tools now available, digital marketing specialists have a strong ally to combat the ever changing landscape and dynamic algorithms. In fact, according to Businesswire, 80% of business marketing leaders are now using AI tools to help boost productivity and scale up their marketing efforts. Try using any tool, such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or Google My Business and see how AI works to your advantage.

AI will make you create more robust content

Long gone are the days when content for the sake of content will improve your search ranking results. Searchers are looking for exact and relevant information from their search results, and in order to deliver, Google uses artificial algorithms to evaluate factors such as keyword density, sentence structure, and phraseology to identify which content will be most relevant to which users.

One of these AI algorithms is Google RankBrain, which uses machine learning to process search results and provide more relevant content results for the searchers. With the race for rankings and traffic, marketers need to create robust content that makes it easier for them to stand out. After all, we all have access to a rich multimedia content library, including infographics, videos, webinars, data, and research, and more, that can be used to produce the best answers to users’ queries. Buzzwords are not enough anymore. You need to create valuable evergreen content so that you will have an edge in the AI environment of SEO – now and into the future.

AI will optimise your content marketing strategy

There is a trend now where browsers are able to perform searches using voice commands and understand images and videos. It’s because AI helps search engines to comprehend visual content as well, giving web browsers a better understanding of the language.

This trend now serves as a driving force for businesses in creating and implementing a strong content marketing strategy that is aligned with visual content and voice searches. There are also lots of business intelligence analytics tools that use machine learning algorithms to gather accurate data that helps you understand the user’s social media behaviour. That will also help you develop a more consistent, detailed buyer persona, therefore bridging the gap in your content strategy.

AI and machine learning enhance digital marketing

AI presents excellent opportunities that can enhance the growth of digital marketing strategies in countless ways. As AI continues to utilise machine learning technology and data-driven processes, it will continue to empower companies and marketers by helping them get through the challenges of their businesses and solve complex problems. Some of the ways that AI can affect digital marketing are:

  • By enabling the prediction power of determining potential consumers’ purchasing and social media behaviour through the use of analytics and propensity modelling.
  • By using chatbots and micro-interactions, sending push notifications, and analysation of events and data points to help ensure an excellent and personalised user experience.
  • By having the ability to link nodes of sub-content to the main cornerstone content so businesses can achieve better ranking and performance.

The final word

The effects of AI and machine learning on the future of SEO are endless, and these are just a few most important ways that these technologies are helping to shape the future of SEO, so we should all be aware of them. AI and machine learning are essentially the Swiss army knives of SEO and digital marketing that we should all start utilising to help us keep up with the rankings race.

If you need a hand to make this all happen, Broadcast SEO has a team of experts who can help you become an authority in your niche. Check out some of our work here or contact us for a chat about how we can get AI and machine learning working to your advantage.



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