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How Digital Marketing differs in Australia compared to the UK and USA

Digital marketing in Australia has gained more relevance and become robust over the past few years to a level that it is now one of the essential components of e-commerce. As Google and other tech giants provide more accessible ways of targeting customers globally, so are the ad dollars shifting from offline to online. The level of innovation happening not only in the UK, US and Australia but globally, presents online businesses with valuable opportunities for growth.

A Look into Australia’s Digital Marketing Industry

In this post, we will review the state of digital marketing in Australia and how it compares to other regions of the world. We will also have a brief look into the land of digital ad spending in Australia before closing with a few key insights into how Aussies can win the digital-first future.

Aussies have more faith in social media.

Around 90% of US, UK and Australian marketers use social networking platforms in their marketing. However, more Australians (56%) consider social media as one of the top channels for achieving their marketing objectives, compared to the UK (44%) and the US (49%). With regards to the platform used, most Australians and Americans prefer using Facebook. On the other hand, Twitter is more prevalent among UK marketers, with 95% using it. Despite the extensive usage of Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is considered the most effective social networking platform in all three regions

Content marketing maturity declines in Australia

Although we know Aussies to be incredibly irreverent, only around 34% of Australians can claim their organisation has sophisticated content marketers, compared to 38% in the US and 39% in the UK. Similarly, only 58% of Australia-based content marketers consider their audience when creating content, compared to 67% in the US and 71% in the UK. It means Australian businesses are somehow losing out on one of the most sacred tenets of digital marketing.

Australian businesses find it harder to commit.

About 9% of Australians believe their organisations have an incredibly enthusiastic attitude towards digital marketing. When you drill down, this figure is higher in both the UK and US, (slightly above at 20%). At the same time, around 47% of Aussie marketers claim it is becoming more difficult to attract audiences, compared to 34% in the UK and 37% in the US who find it hard to capture the audience attention. Wonder what the catch is? Maybe Australian marketers are too brand-centric (in my opinion)

Worth mentioning is the fact that digital marketers from all these regions claim that they find a hard time when it comes to measuring their ROI. It is because the returns vary from one marketing strategy to another. While some digital marketing channels like banner advertising deliver more value in the short term, others like SEO and excellent website design should be considered long term investments.

The state of Australian digital ad spending

Australians have started outspending almost every other country when it comes to digital. Currently, Australia has the highest rate of digital ad spend per user. More specifically, the expectation by the end of 2019, most Australian marketers will be spending over 60% of their total advertising funds on digital marketing.
By comparison, this is way higher than the global averages. In the U.S, for instance, projections indicate that digital marketing will capture roughly 50% of the total advertising budgets by the end of the year. Interestingly, digital analysts argue that Australia will continue dominating the digital marketing spend rate now and in the future.

Despite increased spending, Australian marketers continue to struggle with low customer engagement. You might wonder why this- but figures indicate that over 80% of Aussies use ad blocking software, which means a significant lot of consumers do not see these ads. To this end, Australian marketers receive the lowest click-through rates for ads compared to other regions of the world.

While Aussies tend to be more cautious, they’re not so optimistic about their digital marketing budgets. From a collective view, analysts project that Australian marketers waste roughly one in every ten dollars spent on digital ads, which equals a cumulative annual loss of about AUD 120 million. With the increased use of ad blocking software among consumers in the region, Australian marketers can get more value from their efforts by targeting customers more precisely, using relevant advertising platforms and improving their overall marketing efficiency.

How Australian marketers can win the digital-first future

If you’re a digital marketer who intends to stay on top of the competition in 2019 and beyond, then you have to embrace change. As competition increases and consumer expectations rise, we expect more disruption in the digital marketing space- which means only businesses that adapt to these trends will win the digital future. If you own an e-commerce business, do not stick to your traditional marketing plan and expect different results. It is time to invest in a good website and other high-performing marketing channels like SEO, webinars and video content. The bottom line here is positioning your brand as the real deal and delivering value to users.

Investing in excellent website design and effective SEO while using the right mix of marketing strategies will bring the following benefits to your business:

  • Increased brand visibility
  • Higher online credibility
  • Better and more personalised consumer targeting
  • Improved customer engagement and tracking

Put- by taking a broad-spectrum approach to your marketing strategy. Even small business owners can compete for neck-to-neck with titans in their field.

That said, an effective marketing strategy should address the short and long-term goals of your business. In the digital age, SEO is one of the most productive long-term investments; therefore, if you need to increase your ROI, don’t shy away from working with a reputable digital agency. If you run an online business, get in touch with Broadcast SEO today and let us position you for success not only in 2019 but also in future.



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