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How to Attract the Best Backlinks – the Natural Way

Love them or hate them, backlinks are very important when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As SEO professionals, one of our key areas of focus for the team here at Broadcast SEO is to help our clients to attract links the natural way, rather than paying for links that aren’t particularly relevant to your business (and which Google will penalise you for).

The main premise behind building links naturally is that your content and website are so compelling that other content and website owners want to include a link to your content from their own websites or online publications.

Want to know how to attract backlinks naturally? Here are 6 types of content that will help you to achieve just that.

1. Infographics

Infographics represent facts and information in a graphic format, which makes it easy to absorb key information through a quick glance. It’s a great way to not only represent the content but also to share it. Email marketing using infographics has a 42% higher click-through rate than text alone and Facebook advertising that contains images get at least 3 times more engagement than those without images – so it’s a good idea to invest in a graphic designer to help you create images for your content or use tools such as Canva.

2. White papers

To get the best and high-quality links in your network, your content should be worth sharing. White papers are one of the most shared types of content because they are robust resources that are rich with information about the topics that really matter to your audience. They help you build authority and display your expertise – although this can take a while to create, so this is a long term strategy, not a quick tactic. However, white papers practically sell themselves, and many people are enthusiastic about sharing this type of content by linking to it from their own online presence.

3. Webinars and how-to guides

Another great way to attract great backlinks naturally is by creating a learning environment through your content. Webinars and how-to guides are some of the most commonly used types of educational material, so consider these if you want to showcase your expertise. Many businesses use webinars or how to guides in order to build relationships with their customers as these provide valuable information, address some pain areas of the business, or engage their audience through Q&A. Get the right information in your webinar or guide and it’s instantly sharable – through social media or as a link back to your website. That’s definitely good for business!

4. Guest blogging

Guest blogging simply means publishing articles on other popular websites, and it’s a very effective way to reach new audiences because your content gets exposed to a bunch or readers who may not previously have known about you. To find relevant sites that accept guest posts, just do a search using your keyword plus a term such as “contribute”, “guest post”, “become a contributor” or “Submit an article”. Since by now you should be regularly adding fresh new content to your own website in the form of blogs, it should be easy to adapt these to become guest blogs for other sites.

5. Reach out to journalists

If you’ve got something worth saying, reach out to journalists who may be interested in interviewing you and publishing your story. You’ll get valuable links back to your website and many journalists are happy to write about you if you have something topical or compelling to say. A good place to start is your local community newspaper.

6. Data and research

Nothing beats unveiling new data and research content in any niche when it comes to attracting natural links. Based on a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 70% of the responders found that data and research is the most efficient type of content in building your link profile. But the reality is that it’s not that easily done – for the simple reason that creating research studies and compiling original data take quite a bit of time and planning.

While this may be painstaking, it will all be worth it as part of an integrated campaign to get those quality links headed your way. It builds your credibility, which eventually will make you an authority in your niche. In fact, you can consider it the cornerstone content that you can repurpose for all other types of other content in the future.

Why it matters

Valuable content is your brand ambassador for your website, and a critical deciding factor that your site visitors use to decide how relevant your site may or may not be. The more value you add to your content, the more your audience will want to share your content in all platforms available, including social media sites, the comment section of your post, and of course, to other websites. And when they do share it, it’s the best way to build your backlink profile.

Need a hand with your backlink strategy? Broadcast SEO has a team of experts who can help you become an authority in your niche. Check out some of our work here or contact us for a chat about how we can get the best natural links to your content.



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  1. Olen Welson
    March 18, 2020

    Thanks to Admin for sharing the above list of Guest Blogging Sites. Keep sharing such good stories.

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