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Inbound Marketing – What, How and Why ?

Inbound marketing, in a nutshell, is about using marketing to bring the potential customer to you through your content. This is the exact opposite of outbound marketing where a business has to fight to get the attention of the customer. HubSpot CEO, Brian Halligan first introduced this term which closely matches a term called Permission Marketing mentioned in a book authored by Seth Godin.

Sharing is caring. Inbound marketing is based on creating and sharing the right content that attracts the right customers to your business. When you provide high-quality and relevant content to your customers, your business benefits by the process. In fact, your business will attract highly targeted and qualified traffic as a result. That’s why you need to implement an effective inbound marketing strategy to attract the right customer in this competitive business environment. This read offers an introduction to inbound marketing and the important steps needed to implement an effective inbound marketing strategy.

An effective inbound marketing strategy focuses on three main areas.

  • Getting Found

  • Generating Leads & Acquiring Customers

  • Retention

The first step is to attract the right traffic to the business. In fact, a business doesn’t want traffic but the right traffic to their business. The traffic should have the potential of becoming a lead quite easily. The traffic should easily become leads and happy customers after that. The ideal customer of the business is also known as the buyer persona. A buyer persona is your ideal customer inside and outside. Your personas are the individuals around which your whole business is built. That’s why it is important that you identify your buyer personas before you decide to attract the right client to your business. There are important and effective marketing methods or tools that will help attract the right customers to your business.

Inbound marketing starts with a good blogging strategy. A blog is the best way to attract the right customer to your business. Your blog should produce high-quality and educational content on a regular basis and answer the questions of your ideal customer. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important process that helps improve the online visibility of your online asset by ranking your website higher in the search engines. Hence, this is another important part of an effective inbound strategy. Your buyer will use a search engine to find answers to their questions in this day and age. Your business should appear prominently when and where you buyer persona searches for a relevant product or service. You need to pick the right keywords, analyze and optimize your web pages, create the right content, and build high-quality backlinks to attract the right customer to your business.

customer discussion broadcast seoYour web pages are the online face of your business. It is where your ideal customer will get to know about your products or services. Hence, it should be highly optimized for the right keywords that your clients are searching for. Create the right content to attract the right clients to your business. Content is king, and it will remain so for the foreseeable future. Hence, you should concentrate on offering the best possible content for your clients at all times. Social media publishing is another important method of an effective inbound marketing strategy. Social media helps build a sound relationship with your ideal customer and make them coming back for more and more over time. Social media platforms help you share valuable content with the ideal customer and engage with them. You should always spend time on the networks where your ideal customer spends time.

Once you have attracted the right clients, it is important to convert these clients into leads by getting their contact information. In fact, contact information is the most valuable real estate in online marketing. Hence, you should at least get the email address of the right client. The right landing pages, forms, and call to actions are important in this regard. Once you have attracted the right client and converted them to leads, you are on the right track. The next important step that is usually overlooked is to close the sale. Make sure you close the right leads at the right time to improve your conversions.

analytics broadcast seoFinally retaining and nurturing your clients helps you generate a constant stream of revenue plus credibility in the market. A happy customer always brings additional business to you through word of mouth and referrals. Some references could act as taps that in turns offer a constant flow of new business to you; that can ultimately be a lifeline to your brand.

This is the basic method of a sound inbound marketing strategy. Once you have got the hang of it, you should rinse and repeat the method for better success in the long run. This read offers information on the definition of inbound marketing and steps to implement the strategy.


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