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Look out for Yoast Version 11 with better Schema

Yoast is a popular WordPress plugin that allows webmasters to efficiently perform a wide range of on-page SEO optimisations on their websites. On April 2018, Yoast introduced a revamped schema implementation in their recent 11.0 update. The SEO plugin aims to streamline schema implementation, thereby providing more context for search engines. With a defragmented schema implementation, Yoast will improve structured data entry for webmasters and tie schema pieces together for future search enhancements.

In this post, we will get a more in-depth look into how this unique update fixes the “fragmented mess” that most schema implementations create.

But before that, let’s understand what we mean by schema markup.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema Markup is a form of microdata usually added to a webpage. It creates a rich snippet or enhanced description that appears in organic search results. It dates back to the year 2011 when top search engines- Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex first collaborated to create

Schema markup is highly essential as it helps search engines provide relevant content to users. Although HTML tags tell browsers how to display content, they do not give any information on what the content means. It makes it more difficult for the search engine to intelligently interpret the context of a search query, which potentially affects the quality of search results. Schema markup provides a framework to an ambiguous web page.

The problem with fragmented schema

Search engines have more difficulties interpreting fragmented schema markups. The issue is that they cannot decipher how different pieces of schema on a web page relate to each other. On an e-commerce web page with related products, for example, search engines find it difficult to distinguish the main product or service from the others. The problem only escalates further considering pages with such disparate schema blocks are set to increase as more users adopt schema markup.

Yoast SEO claims that re-written implementation provides more context. In a company statement, Yoast said that their application clearly defines the primary offering on a particular web page. By stitching the pieces of schema together into a nested structure, the tool removes all of the guesswork for search engines. After updating to the latest version, you can check the difference by running web pages through Google’s structured data testing tool.

Structured data in Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO new schema implements a different concept to structured data. Unlike most approaches that rely on complex arrays, this first one-of-its-kind achieves a clean, complete graph that connects different nodes using unique IDs. Although it might be technically challenging for most people to understand what happens at the back-end of Yoast SEO, the result proves to be stunningly effective. It is why, as an end-user; you should fill out all the information requested in the plugin. Whether you are a web developer or SEO enthusiast, you can be sure to enjoy this impressive piece of structured data code.

This kind of schema implementation is incredibly essential, as structured data will continue to power search enhancements in the future. Google and other top search engines are shifting from conventional search engines to discovery engines that will provide searchers with highly relevant content. As the quest to deliver value-rich results to users becomes more significant day after day, Yoast SEO helps you keep up with the changes. With a schema implementation that optimises for entities, it has paved the way for you to tell Google what exactly your website is about automatically. It reinforces the knowledge search engines use to discover content and understand relationships among links.

What this means for webmasters and SEO specialists

Business owners and SEO’s who take advantage of Yoast’s revamped Schema implementation will ensure their sites enjoy the following:

  • Information displays correctly in the Google Knowledge Panels
  • Full support for Rich Pins on Pinterest (especially for articles)
  • Higher chances of the content appearing in the Google News Listing
  • Higher chances of better local listing snippets
  • Higher chances of product snippets showing up in Google search results.

Our future outlook is that structured data and machine-readable information will eventually enable Google and other platforms to do even greater things with your content.

So there you have it- an SEO plugin that features a revolutionary schema implementation designed for better user experience and SEO. Given its features and benefits, every online business can reap big by upgrading to Yoast SEO 11.0. Very few strategies can level up your SEO this quickly. This update can.


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