Broadcast SEO Non-Compete Policy


We understand that when you find a good marketing company to work with, it’s difficult to “share” them with your competitors. And we understand that. On the other hand, it is important for us to be compensated fairly for the success we bring to the business owners and also get new business at the same time for the growth and sustenance of our company.

Therefore, we have carefully created this Non-Compete Policy to keep it fair to everyone. We have studied different demographics to create this policy. This policy applies to the active contracts we have with our clients.

Here it is.

A. For a client in a given service and location, we never proactively advertise to their competitors for the same service and location.
B. We work with a limited number of clients for a particular service and location (active contracts), if they come to us and we end up working together. This is based on the population of a location as population drives SEO demand (food for everyone to share and eat).
Location Population Upto 20,000 – 1 Client
Location Population Upto 50,000 – 2 Clients
Location Population Above 50,000 – 3 Clients
We don’t work with more than 3 clients at a time for large areas. These clients need to be on different pages of Google rankings for the best keyword in their industry for that location. If they are on the same page when we start, we don’t work with them.
Following factors come into play, when we end up working with competing customers, that almost makes them not directly competing from SEO and rankings perspective. These factors are very crucial in deciding the final spots these businesses end up taking on Google and are out of our control.
  • Domain Age
  • Keywords in domain name
  • Rankings at the start of the campaign
  • Site Depth
  • Other locations they serve
  • Other marketing channels they are investing in like Social Media, PPC, etc.
  • Website Design and Responsiveness
  • Online reviews of the business
  • Industry awards, organic press coverage and recognition (online references)
  • The mindset of the business owner & how likely they are to listen and implement our recommendations.
C. We also never share intellectual property and uniques ideas of a company with their competitors.
We are open to doing exclusive marketing for a given client if that client compensates us fairly for the loss of revenue from other businesses in that area.
We are always happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement with your company for confidentiality.