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Do You Really Need Professional Social Media Management?

Is your business making a really good use of its social media presence? If you don’t know how to answer the question or if your answer is “no,” the chances are that you’re missing wonderful opportunities.

Over the past two years, the consumption of Facebook content has increased 57 percent, Hubspot statistics for 2016 suggest. At the same time, only 45 percent of those marketing through the platform believe that their efforts deliver the desired results.

Today’s internet user has an average of 5.54 social media accounts. Obviously, brands are competing for the attention of this prospect. In order to reach people on social media and get a high return on investment, you need professional social media management.

Is social media management right for every company? Absolutely! There are several benefits it will bring to the table that all companies can enjoy regardless of their size or industry.

It Leads to Relationship Building

When used correctly, social media provide amazing tools for connecting with prospects, learning from your clients and partnering up with industry leaders. It’s not just about lead generation. Social media can be incorporated in a much more effective and widespread communication strategy.

Being active on social media builds relationships based on interests. This is why social media management can maximize brand recognition and provide tons of useful data about your audience’s preferences.

You can also connect with other businesses, partner up, see what the competition is doing and establish relationships with industry leaders. Brands that want to accomplish sustainable growth need all of these connections.

Real-Time Customer Insight

What do your clients want? Are they satisfied with the products and services you have to offer? To answer these questions, you have to be constantly active on social media. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others generate tons of real-time data that should be analyzed and classified for further use in your marketing efforts.

Every single day, people generate more than 500 million tweets, and they like more than 4.5 billion pieces of content on Facebook. Inexperienced brand representatives can get lost in the sheer volume of information. Strategic efforts will be required to define the parameters of data analysis and make the most of the available insight.

Social listening is one of the most important parameters of a social media marketing campaign. It can contribute to much higher levels of engagement in the future and even to higher levels of brand loyalty.

Lead Generation

When done in the best possible, most targeted way, social media management will contribute to higher converting leads.

It’s not just about building engagement through the establishment of a virtual community. Social media marketing can maximize your revenue, increase your clientele and even help you enter a new market seamlessly.

Nearly 75 percent of the companies that carried out social media sale campaigns in 2015 reported an increase in their revenue for the respective 12-month period, a State of Social Selling in 2015 report suggests. Social media sellers benefit from a 66 percent higher quota attainment than the companies that still base their efforts on traditional prospecting techniques.

According to some bold market predictions, consumers will manage 85 percent of their interactions with brands without having to communicate with a human being. This means that the importance of social media and other digital channels will continue growing in the future. If you want to tap into the trend and establish your positions right now, you’ll need to focus on effective social media management asap.

Voice Consistency

Many companies commit the grave mistake of updating their social media profiles every now and then. Employees who have the opportunity will simply get to upload something for the sake of getting some new content out there.

Professional social media management creates a consistency of voice and it makes it possible for a brand to maintain the frequency of updates. Building an online community is all about being involved in the long run. A social media manager will come up with some posting guidelines and will also assess the response of the audience. Based on this information, a manager will keep the voice of the campaigns consistent throughout its execution.

If your business isn’t online in today’s dynamic world, it doesn’t really exist for a large number of people. Social media provide amazing tools for connecting with the right prospects. If you don’t know how to use these tools to your advantage, you’re definitely in need of social media management services.



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