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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important marketing strategy used to help improve a website or page’s visibility online. The main idea behind optimizing your website for search engines is to be able to reach out to target audience, as well as get higher ranks on the search engines. Sites ranked highly on search engines (based on optimized keywords) show up on the top pages of a search result (SERPs), meaning they have the highest exposure and click rate. It is for this reason, and more, that website owners are advised to optimize their pages for search engines to get maximum exposure.

For Australian businesses in Parramatta, one of the factors that make SEO important is the fact that, many internet users still use search engines to find services, goods, and information. Search engines, on the other hand, use a sophisticated algorithm to manage and identify sites and pages with high-quality information and relevant to a search query before displaying results. The algorithm makes it possible for internet users to find quality info and products they need fast and easy. Having your site optimized for search engines can, therefore, help attract more traffic, as well as improve conversions significantly.

Search engine optimization plays an important and significant role in a site’s usability, user-friendliness, and performance. An easy to use and a user-friendly website has the potential of attracting more traffic and audiences as compared to a complex one. The best thing with having your site optimized for search engines is that the experts not only work on its usability, content, keywords, or performance but also ensure everything is flawless. Meta tags and meta descriptions also make it easier for search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to index pages correctly. Once the pages are indexed, it will be much easier for the search engines to find and display results fast enough.

SEO is also used as a marketing strategy especially when introducing a new product or business into the online market. Search engine optimization makes brand marketing relatively easy, and one doesn’t have to spend lots of money on the same.

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In order to select the right search engine optimization company for your business, you have to take multiple factors into the consideration


Does the chosen SEO company offer flexibility in their approach and understanding of your business? Most of the SEO companies offer fix price packages and do a certain number of tasks. We believe that one size does not fit for all. There are many factors we take into account when quoting our prices and duration, including the niche, keyword difficulty, your business goals etc. Make sure you select an SEO company that is flexible to listen and provide input accordingly.

Cutting Edge Knowledge and Partnerships

Is your chosen company partner with Google? Are its team members Google Certified?  Do they invest their time, energy and budget in research of the latest Google algorithms changes or are they offering the same SEO services that are long outdated? At Broadcast SEO, we are Google certified and regularly invest in research and development to try and get the best services to our customers.


What are the results that an SEO or Internet marketing agency has shown in the past? Do they have customer testimonials? Do they have google search engine rankings to prove their work for various clients? Are they using blackhat methods to gain temporary rankings that can put your business in trouble and potentially get your website penalized from Google search rankings ?

National Presence

Is the SEO company nationally present in Australia? Your customers may or may not come from one city. As Google is everywhere so should your SEO company be in order to understand local markets and customers. If your business is International your chosen SEO partner should be able to research keywords from multiple countries as Google search engines give different results in different places.

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