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Our Website Maintenance Packages for Static Websites

Contact Us for a Free Quote on E-Commerce Websites


  • Basic WordPress Website
  • Wordpress and Plugin Updates
  • Security Protection Enabled
  • Monthly Backups


  • For Websites 5-10 Pages
  • Regular Updates & Backups
  • Health Checks
  • 1 hr of Website Updates


  • For 10- 20 Pages
  • Regular Updates & Backups
  • Health Checks
  • 2 hrs of Website Updates


  • For Large Websites
  • Regular Updates & Backups
  • Health Checks
  • 3 hrs of Website Updates

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We help you make an online statement

Our team understands what it takes to have a bold and successful presence online for your Web Design in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast or elsewhere. We like your visitors to have the best online experience. Therefore, we test all our websites on multiple platforms like desktop, mobile and tablets. It does not matter if you are a new business owner or a seasoned one. We can build new websites, renovate old ones or make them mobile friendly and responsive. We have solution for all your needs.

You don’t have to do everything yourself
There are products on the market that help you create your website yourself, so why choose us? Think about it, as a business owner do you want to spend your valuable time going through templates, codes and widgets or getting more clients and interfacing with them. We take all that pain away with our cost effective solutions.

Not just Web Design
With our wealth of information on Search engine optimization along with our Google partnership we know how to create a website that is scalable, futuristic as well as something that works and gives results. We work cohesively in our company and our web design can be optimized for SEO from the ground up if you choose to be.

Flexibility to manage your content
We develop websites on a variety of platforms of which most famous is WordPress. If you choose, you can take control of your website once completed and easily manage it.