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The Future of Online Marketing in Australia

The age of transformation in the online marketing industry has arrived, along with the rise of big data. The digital landscape keeps changing at a very fast rate and that has implications for businesses, who need to monitor trends closely in order to benefit their own companies and their customers.

No matter what age group you fall into, according to Nielsen research us Aussies are spending a whole heap of hours online each month:


Businesses in Australia and around the world need to keep up with the future developments in the online industry or their customer retention strategy will be left behind. Here’s a quick look at the future of online marketing in Australia.

  1. The integration of workplaces will begin to happen as siloed business become less effective. Teams from different departments will work together towards one common goal. For example, the operations teams will collaborate with the marketing team to further enhance customer service strategies.Workforces will use online data to create and deliver extraordinary products or services that can keep up with the trends in customer preferences and in the process, drives stronger ROI. Marketers will be expected to have enhanced skills and expertise in both technical and digital aspects of the niche. This emphasises the value that will be given to future marketers because of their multiple skills. Small businesses in Australia will start finding cost-effective ways to keep up with this change.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already being utilised in various online marketing tasks such as content writing and social media management. Different social media platforms such as Facebook have AI’s working on certain algorithms to identify the most appropriate advertisement that will be assigned specifically to each user. Google assistant has been further innovated to sound more natural. In the near future, it is expected that more businesses in Australia will make use of this application.There will be more focus on automation and the utilisation of AI’s in online marketing in Australia as the future continues to unfold. The expectation is to shift the responsibilities from human marketers to artificial intelligence – although creating marketing strategies will remain a human responsibility.
  3. There will be a significant rise in the growth of job opportunities for online marketing in Australia in the very near future. In a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 40% of nearly 500 marketing executives reported that they require skills in digital enhancement and technology while only 26% required the traditional skills needed for advertising and branding and just 16% for creative and graphics.
  4. This is a good indication that online marketing in Australia will have a wider array of job opportunities in the future such as market research, branding, communications, public relations, services quality, social media design, website design, and product innovation.
  5. Despite the penalties that Google has imposed on poor sites in the past, link building will become an increasingly important tactic for technical SEO and page optimisation. Brands who focus their efforts on relevant content are going to out-perform their competitors who don’t drive towards high-quality content that contain promotional backlinks. Google is constantly changing its’ algorithms and if you don’t keep up you’ll pay the price (remember – you snooze, you lose!).
  6. Many Australian companies will begin to see video marketing as a necessity as they realise that it is an important component in transforming themselves into a relevant brand. While many businesses still see video production as costly and time-consuming, in the future, there will be more investment in this so that their brands can be well placed online. There are an estimated 5 billion videos being watched on YouTube every day – an indication of the size of the audience who can be captured from this type of online marketing. Online traffic for video marketing will continue to soar.
  7. Personalised marketing content is growing significantly within the online marketing realm. Further growth is expected from it in the future. Personalisation through content marketing is one of the driving forces for effective marketing strategies. A good example is email marketing where messages are personalised, making the content relevant to the user. Consumers show more appreciation to advertisements that are customised according to their needs and are addressed to them personally.

There’s a lot going on in online marketing in Australia and there will be a lot more to come in the future – and at a speed that many businesses will struggle to keep up with. Every business will need to have a strong online marketing strategic approach to make sure that they remain on top of the game.

For most businesses though, maintaining a team of experts who are equipped with strong SEO and digital marketing skills is simply not cost effective, and this is often a function that is outsourced. Broadcast SEO has the right skills to make sure your business keeps up with all the new online trends in digital marketing. If you’d like to know more, just check out some of our work here or contact us for a chat.


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