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The latest content marketing trends that you need to know

Content marketing isn’t a set and forget strategy – you can’t just leave it to do the work on its own. It constantly changes, and that’s why it’s important to know what’s trending in the content marketing world, especially in this highly digital age. Not knowing what searches are currently trending will make it difficult to keep ahead of your competition, and your audience reach may be limited. With this in mind, here’s a snapshot of the best content marketing trends in 2020 that you need to know.

Voice search

The rise of the smartphone industry means that almost everyone now is using their mobile devices for search-related queries, and voice searches are definitely on the rise. Users simply use their voice to ask their digital assistant to search for the information they need online. In fact, Google says that 20% of mobile queries are initiated through voice searches. This will create a shift in content because the way we speak isn’t always the same as the way we write.

For example, a user might type “content marketing trends” when doing a query, but may otherwise say “Hey Google, what’s trending in content marketing strategies right now?” To keep up with this trend, content marketers have to optimise their content for voice search, with a focus on longtail keywords. This can help to put your content right at the top of voice search results.

Live video streaming

Live streaming and videos are one of the hottest trends in content marketing today, and that’s because most of us prefer to learn about new products or services by actually seeing them in use on a video. Video content marketing isn’t new, but live streaming is a sub-category that’s storming right now. This makes videos more popular than infographics, text-based articles, eBooks, manuals, and presentations. Live videos have limitless possibilities for engaging your audience. To get your brand out and about in the world, live stream on a trade show, or shoot something in the field that’s related to your brand. In short, incorporate more live streaming videos into your content marketing strategy, and upload them on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc – Google will reward you for it.

Augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR)

Augmented and virtual reality is a content marketing strategy that consumers are falling in love with. Long gone are the days when people thought of AR and VR as just science fiction. The technology that was once the sole domain of the gaming industry is now trending in content marketing and it’s been catching the attention of many consumers because of its’ interactive content. For example, Tourism Australia’s official website uses a lot of engaging interactive content, including a series of 360-degree VR video tours. Using a VR headset brings an immersive and interactive experience to users that’s hard to forget. A lot of content marketers now use AR and VR to create brand awareness, deliver excellent customer experience, increase engagement, and provide information in a way that resonates with their audience.

Artificial Intelligence

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be the biggest game-changer trend for content marketing today. Google has taken search queries to the next level by using its RankBrain machine learning algorithm. AI tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or Google My Business help boost the efficiency of your content marketing strategy. AI makes it a lot easier for users to find the information they need about your products and services. Almost all leaders in digital marketing now use AI tools to scale up their efficiency and accelerate their marketing strategy.

The future certainly is a lot closer than ever before.

Diversity in content

Individual members of your audience have different preferences relating to the media that they want to use. Some prefer video, some text, some audio, etc. Putting only one type of content on your digital media platforms just doesn’t cut it anymore because your audience gets bored easily and they may not want to receive your information the way you want to send it. User expectations are rising, and they now expect sites to use different types of media, including videos, podcasts, galleries, infographics, and more. While this means that your team needs to have a greater diversity of skills, it’s worth investing in the expertise as it will definitely deliver more advantages than disadvantages. And on the plus side, diversity in the form of your content, doesn’t mean you always have to create new content – you can just recreate existing content into a new media form. For example, a successful video can be converted into a blog, or a successful live streaming video can be saved as a video, that your consumers can watch later.

A word of advice

If you want to stay on top of the SEO game, you need to keep your content marketing strategy updated with the current trends. Now that you know what’s currently trending in content marketing, it’s time to get ahead of the competition and maintain your online connection with your target audience. We know this can be a bit overwhelming for some businesses, and that’s why we have a team of experts to help out. At Broadcast SEO, we can ensure that your content will always be up to date with the latest trends – so why not check out some of our work here or contact us for a chat about our cost-effective services today.


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